Thursday, May 19, 2016


I've been a blubbering idiot the last few days....crying at the drop of a hat, not being able to make tears stop sometimes, and each time its been in moments where I am overwhelmed at God's blessings in the friends He has provided for me.

Yesterday I had a really important doctors appointment to find out results and a treatment plan for next steps with my autoimmune disease issues, and my friend Hannah watched my kids....for 4 hours...4 hours!!!!  About a month ago I had my initial appointment with my new doctor, and my friend Trista watched my kids then for another 4 hours!!!  We have had other things we needed help with, and our friends watched our kids, helped do house projects, etc.

And you guys not only do they watch my kids but they actually play with my kids...all I asked was for a safe place even if they just watched movies the whole time, and they actually played with the kids, went on walks, and did art projects....


This whole thing is a really big deal for me, because you guys....I HATE asking for help.  HATE IT!  I don't want to burden people, and I can't always "payback" people, and I hate the feeling of "owing" someone, and since we moved here I have had to accept help.  I have had to ask for help many times, and though I still suck at it, God's teaching me something....that I need to allow room in my life for people who want to serve us in this way.  That there will be times I can payback, and there will be times when I can't, but to accept this as is.....a gift.  A chance to bless.  A chance to serve, and help provide for our strings attached.

It took me months to find a doctor who specializes in my issues, and is in network with my insurance, so I was thrilled to find her, but also knew seeking out care from her would force me to ask for help-  she is an hour away, appointments are an hour if not more long, and she only has daytime availability.  I can't ask Dave to take off work all the time, so I knew I was going to have to ask for help.  So yesterday, when I was pulling into Hannah's driveway, I teared up, and my eyes brimmed full....those same eyes that filled with tears last summer as I came to grips with what God was asking us to do....move...850 miles away from everyone we knew and all that we were comfortable with, to a land unknown, to a place we'd never traveled before, and trust biggest fear was leaving my family, and friends, and so as I pulled into her driveway, those tears were no longer of fear....they were of joy, because my God provided.  Beyond measure He has provided!

He provided a church immediately....before we even moved we knew where we were going to go-  One trip to Faith Church this summer, the same weekend we bought our house, and we had no reservations at all about calling this our church home.

He provided a faith based preschool at our church for Abbie, women's ministry opportunities, small group, sunday school, and much more...each one of those connections have allowed amazing friendships to blossom for our entire family!

Today was our last day of MOPs for the school year, and we watched a slideshow of pictures from throughout the year, and I could NOT, stop the tears...

He is good.
He is so, very, very, good.

He has been more than faithful to provide.

He asked us last summer to trust Him, and we did.

We took a HUGE leap of faith, and left all that we knew to travel to places unknown, and He provided.

We have a family.

God provided us a family!

And I can confidently say without fear, or sadness, that this is home....


Are you in a season of loneliness?  I've been there friend-  at one point praying for years for God to provide close friendships.  I encourage you to continue to press into Him.  Let Him fill you up, and trust that He is good, and will provide...never stop praying!