Friday, June 20, 2014

45 Minute Home Workout for Moms....(Or something like that!) :)

So this is me....during my workout this morning...ha...ha...hahaha!  Ya right!  So let's get right to it...
I know...all ya all are reading the title of this post and thinking "How in the world does this girl have enough time in her day to workout for 45 minutes?  I don't even have enough time to take a shower, let alone workout!"  You are potentially on the verge of thinking bad thoughts about me right now, but allow me to explain what my 45 Minute Workout actually looks like......

8:30AM-  Start of Workout-  I press play on my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (Jillian is actually someone I'd often like to just unplug and walk away from....oh we have a love hate relationship, but more about that some other day!)  So I press play, and immediately realize I should probably pee and mamas you know what happens post child birth when you do jumping jacks right?  So even though I didn't have to go that bad...I obey, because I know what will happen when I don't.

8:35AM- Press play and back at it.

8:37AM- Alex starts fussing.  Press pause and give him his pacifier.  Abbie is covering her ears yelling "Alex!"  (her way of trying to get him to stop crying....oy!)

8:38AM-  Press play

8:39AM-  Alex spits pacifier out, more fussing.  Press pause.  Realize he is acting tired and put him down for a nap.

8:45AM- Back at workout.

8:50AM-  Alex is crying in crib.  Pause Jillian.  Go into his room, give him back his pacifier, shoosh him and pat his butt until he quiets down.

8:53AM- Back at workout

8:57AM  Abbie wants a mid morning snack.  Pause...again....

9:00AM Back at workout.  By this time Abbie has wandered into her room to play so I shut off the cartoons.

9:05AM- Crying from Abbie's room...I ignore it at first cause she's been whiny all morning.  She is probably crying over the fact that the chocolate chip in her granola bar is on the left side instead of the right and yesterday it was on the right not the left.

9:07AM Still crying.  I continue to ignore.  This time she comes out.  I continue working out while listening to whining and crying and pretending to ignore her even though I am really tired of her whining.  Turns out she is mad I turned off her cartoons (since she walked away and was playing in her room).  I respond with "Well, whining is not going to get them turned on.  We have watched enough cartoons for today and mommy will be done in a few minutes and I can come play with you."  A few more tears and she goes back into her room to play.

9:09AM  More fussing from that boy has been having trouble this week with naps.  Press pause....insert pacifier, shoosh, butt pat...

9:11AM- Back at workout

9:15AM-  Workout ends and I shut Jillian off.

There you have In Home 45 Minute Workout for Moms.....ha!  Mission accomplished and onto the next task :)

Somewhere in there I swear I got a 20-25 minute workout!  I know I know.  You are all wondering why in the world I would even attempt the workout in all of that mess!?  Well because for me...I need to.  It makes me a better person when I workout.  I feel better about myself and when my workout is done I can do better at the rest of my life throughout the day....even when being constantly interrupted I still feel better with a workout than without one.

So why not go to a gym?  Get up earlier?  Wait until after Dave gets home from work?


I'm too cheap to get a gym pass and by the time I would get them loaded up to go I could have gotten in a workout at home.

I do get up earlier but sometimes the littles get up early too and I can't get my workout done before.

I hate waiting until Dave gets home from work because #1 I am too tired, and #2 by the time he gets home its a whirlwind of supper, baths, and bedtimes which is a whole other blog post in and of itself!

Life as a mom is sometimes messy....the constant neediness and the constant's exhausting and lovely all at the same time.  I don't know how to explain it but it just is.

I keep telling myself someday I'll miss it, but you know what?  I won't miss a lot of this....  I won't miss the crying that won't stop even when Alex is picked up and comforted.  I won't miss whining.  I won't miss my late bedtime and early rising.  I won't miss the extra laundry and dishes.

What I will miss is cuddles and snuggles, childlike faith and innocence, sweet imaginations and how they can make the inanimate world come to life, little helping hands, and goodnight kisses and hugs.

No, I can confidently say I won't miss the bad parts, and you know what else I won't miss?  Doing a 20-25 minute in home workout in 45 minutes.....that part I'm not gonna miss at all!

Keep doing what you do best moms....being you and doing whatever you need to do in your everyday life to be the best mom you can be!